Project Introduction

    This is a NSF-funded project (award number: 2215245) . The full title of the study is: Broadening Participation in Introductory Computer Science: Investigating Self-Assessment Practices for Increasing Student Learning and Self-Efficacy in Two Institutional Contexts. The purpose is to understand how students develop their process of working on computer science projects, and to test a new approach to help students.

    This project is a collaboration between UTK and Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC). This setting should allow the project to assess the impact of the intervention across a variety of introductory computer science courses and student populations to increase the generalizability of the findings. In the context of a field experiment design, the development of the intervention seeks to involve the collection of extensive feedback on the usability and suitability of the intervention from both instructors and students with a specific focus on students experiences from underrepresented groups in computing. By improving students self-assessment skills, this project has the potential to give computer science instructors a new set of practices that they can use to help their students learning and motivation outcomes and advance the goal of broadening participation in computing.



    To be continued...